New spring line - clay drying nicely

105053-299722-thumbnail.jpgSo we're up to the sanding and smoothing phase of the latest series of clay pendants that I'm preparing for spring. (That taste of spring last week left me really inspired to make new necklaces.) As anticipated, the creation of all those new polymer stamps left me anxious to test them out and see what kind of heavy-duty textures I could get for my new pendants. Excuse me: heavy duty, FUN textures! Mission accomplished.

These new pieces are nearly ready to be fired, and I thought I'd show you a tiny preview of what's to come. The first picture shows them still laying on a plastic bag, the edges still turned up in some cases, no holes. The second shot shows a few of them drying on a blue dish cloth, after holes have been added, and some smoothing completed. I use various surfaces when I'm working - this time I spread out on an entire, long kitchen counter. The blue cloth gave me the best background for this shot - the contrast was horrid when I left them on the nice white plastic dollar store tray they'd been set out on.

Now to finish smoothing all the rough edges (the back matters, too!) - they're completely bone dry now - and I can fire them to bisque after I'm pleased with the finish. Then it'll be time for the glazes. Aah,105053-299724-thumbnail.jpg glazes. I have a love/hate relationship with this phase. But being an optimist, this time let's say they're going to be fun and exciting, and nothing but love will be had for the glazing of these happy pendants.

Meanwhile, the jury is in: I love most of my new stamps. And since I never expect to love them all, anyway, (the law of averages or something,) I declare them a raving success! Hopefully I won't be alone in my assessment...