Studio time - when you're on

The only thing I would change about yesterday's studio time with Marcy is the length of our work session. We worked together from about 1 until around 7 or so, when we stopped to eat. Maybe next time I'll just spend a night and start working as soon as I have my coffee!

That's how good it was. She worked on glass projects - shelving issues for her glass supply and laying out the designs of two mosaic mirrors - and I worked in clay. It was one of those "on" kind of days. As opposed to a day when nothing turns out right.

Glazing pendants is sometimes a challenge: you never know what the piece is truly going to look like until the kiln is opened. But I'm pleased with the variety and think I also chose good colors and color combinations. And then making new beads and pendants turned out to be the best part of my day. I wish I'd taken some photos to show you, but as regular readers will know, just because they're drying on a shelf doesn't mean they're done. So I'll try and photograph them later and put them on here.

Now I need to make more stamps. I used some of my own, and some of Marcy's. Texture is everything. And while I loved hers, I'm quite bored with my own. So maybe I'll work that in to the schedule today or tomorrow. Depends on how long it takes me to do the website-related work I have on my calendar. And there's some beading in my future, too. I can feel it.

P.S. Nobody threw pots. Ah well. Maybe another day...