A day for clay

Today has been designated as a day for playing in the studio with my friend, Marcy. Clearly not an early morning kind of day, but the afternoon, absolutely. And I'm really, really looking forward to it. I'm leaving shortly. But first let me tell you what's driving me today:

This last few designs (ones I haven't written about,) have been really enjoyable to conceive, and the only underlying frustration throughout the process is that I don't have enough pieces to work with as I design. An inherent challenge to designing necklaces the way I do, by using handmade beads and pendants, is that by the time I'm ready to pull together the elements to make the piece itself, it's far too late in the game to make something new if I've "messed up." So I have to be always anticipating the needs, later, while I'm actually working in clay.

So today is quite a gift: I'm going to start from scratch and hopefully make some of the pieces I've been wanting to use lately. Perhaps I can bridge a time gap - often so much time passes between the time I make my pendants and beads that by the time I use them my vision has changed. Now I'm hoping I can design some things that will be used right away.

And who knows? I just might actually try and throw a few pots, too. I tend to end a lot of entries with that mantra, when talking about studio time, don't I? Hmmm.