When you blog a lot...

105053-296763-thumbnail.jpgLast night on the phone with Rachel, the conversation turned to blogging and how she keeps up with Dena and me, between emails and phone calls, by reading our blogs. We're her two (or two of, I'm not sure,) NC friends who blog and since she moved to Seattle last year, it's a good way to keep in touch between regular contact.

Then she admitted sometimes my entries leave her wanting a lot more. I told her I could understand that - sometimes they leave me wanting more! It's a challenge to come up with something inspired to say every morning. But that led to a candid conversation about the purpose for our blogs, and how they sometimes differ. I love candid conversations with honest friends. (I have a lot of them - honest friends and candid conversations with those friends.)

Rachel doesn't write in her blog often at all. She's very busy and it's not been a priority. I understand and respect that. (Now that I've gotten used to it. I went through serious withdrawals for a while. Missing her and all.) Even when she did, the blog had a different purpose from my own. Hers was meant to be a personal blog of sorts, and although mine does include some personal things, the goals of my writing online are different. I write about creativity, working for myself, A.D.D., travel, and here and there I do put in a few random, personal subjects. But only to a point. We discussed that and came to several conclusions: sometimes she's going to want more when she reads my blog - how could she not? She lived two houses away and if ever I did have drama that I wouldn't have written about online, she would have known it by virtue of being my close friend. Another conclusion was that I, too, will still want more from my blog. Like when I read from other, more interesting, sites and pause to consider that mine isn't nearly as intriguing. But I won't be airing all my dirty laundry online or writing about conflict and high drama. It just ain't gonna' happen!

Oh, and the other conclusion we came to during our chat was that I'd just gotten my next blog entry. Woo hoo! Thanks Rachel! (She also admitted she only skims the longer ones, as do - I'm certain - others. Usually she might not get to the bottom, but I'm betting she'll read the whole entry that starts out with her name. Eh?) And later I'll get some more entries out of this. Ones related to travel!

See that photo up there? That, dear readers, is the view Rachel was looking at while we talked. She sent it as a preview of my visit out there. Which is in the planning stages, even as I write. I talked to Rhianon later on, too. Both my Seattle girlfriends. Baiting me with stories and photos. And hospitable invitations. How could I pass this up? But that's for another entry. Happy Monday!