Babysitting - first time quite like this

Tonight is the first time I've ever been alone with my new baby nephew. First time he's been left with anyone, too, and of course I'm thrilled and honored. How cool he is! And how, well, you a baby! As in I'm here to fulfill his needs and pretty much that's it. The simplest things are thrilling. My experiences include:

  • The smiles that may or may not be smiles (every single mother I know likes to tell me how he's not actually smiling...doesn't have that capability yet...I'm not really interested in hearing that. I love the look on his face when he may or may not be smiling at me 'cause it's so adorable and makes me feel really nice.
  • We had the two-for-one diaper change. Which is to say he was all fresh and clean from the recent changing and then as soon as we sat down it was time to change another one.
  • I know exactly how many ounces of liquid he has consumed during the past three hours.
  • I also discovered a very cool position in which he likes to be held which makes him calm down if he's a little fussy.
  • And now he's asleep. Because I'm so very good at honoring each and every one of his needs and, being the best auntie known to humankind, know how to get a baby to go to sleep. Either that or he's so very tired from all the late night shenanigans he allegedly pulled last night. (I'm not sure it's true...surely he's a bundle of perfection at all times!)
E Gads - I'm a sap. Such is the evening of a woman who doesn't spend a whole lot of time around babies. This one has me wrapped around his pudgy little finger. And he didn't forget about me while I was in Atlanta. Two whole weeks since I'd seen him and... yea, okay, I'll stop. Better go look at him. Just because...