The jacket that got its own necklace

105053-284240-thumbnail.jpgSo here's the back view of the jacket I've been going on and on about. She bought it at Rag Poets Boutique which is glorious and fun and filled with eclectic, feminine things and electric, feminine energy. As is this jacket. Which was worn yesterday to my home to "meet" the proposed necklaces for the first time.

I'd expressed concern before that the shades of greens might not be quite right. No105053-284242-thumbnail.jpg worries. Although that does seem possible when comparing the colors via photos, in person it's a happy, happy marriage. The beads I chose and the length, variety and textures made her very, very happy. And she did want the little tiny strand of seed and Delica beads, too. They're nice together OR worn separately.

Hopefully this success will help kick start my Very Necessary Progress.  Since yesterday's goings on about how many necklaces I need to make, I've created exactly...none. But today's a new day, right? We'll see!