On the bright side...

I think the GTCC Political Science Club made some pretty good money today. Which was the whole purpose of Campus Fest. The day was a fun time - live music was great and I enjoyed both bands. The food was good. The company was good.

Not a lot of artists sold a lot of art, to my knowledge. A little here, a little there. These things can be iffy. You never know how many people are going to be willing to come out on a windy, spring day. Good supportive friends and family, for sure. But not a lot of random strangers seemed to show up. Which is too bad because these folks worked their butts off to pull together a really nice event.

I'm glad I participated. For a lot of reasons. Among them, while it's a little early to say, my friend Marcy, (who makes glorious mosaic mirrors,) and I may have made an important contact. The jury is still out - we still have more to learn. But if things evolve in the way they could, I'll tell you more about it later on.

That's the thing about festivals and shows. Sometimes the real benefits manifest themselves in ripples. In my case the benefits were multiple:

  • I am now in a really fun groove of making new jewelry,
  • fun friends surrounded me all day,
  • live music makes me happy,
  • people oohed and aahed over my jewelry,
  • I sold a little bit,
  • an excellent hand blown glass pendant and two art prints I love are now mine from some fortuitous trades,
  •  and I may have some residual business from this as-of-yet unexplained contact.

All in all, good stuff. Now I think I might have to have a nap...