Introducing The Festival Bracelets!

festivalbracelets.jpgAs I've mentioned, tomorrow I'm participating in a festival. It's never been held before but I'm game. Students at GTCC, where I once worked, told me of their plans to plan an arts festival. And sure enough, they did! So I'm taking my jewelry and setting up shop to see how things go. Campus Fest is a fund-raiser for the school's Political Science Club and I love that they've decided to promote creativity as they raise money for their club. Live music by local bands, Absolut Eden and Downtown Senate will entertain us.

Tangentially related, I made a few way-fun beaded bracelets in December. They were designed using sterling beads and findings, glass beads and also a selection of semi-precious stones. I've been thinking about making a series of similar bracelets that are somewhat more economical but every bit as unique and fun. Today I give you Festival Bracelets! (Click here to see them individually.) I used silver-toned clasps instead of sterling, left out the semi-precious stones, and incorporated every bit of excitement and glee into these new ones. Which will make them easier to afford - always a good plan for a show or festival.

I also have other, less-time-consuming to make but also way fun stretchy beaded bracelets for quite a bit less. And later on I'm hoping there's still energy left to make some more earrings. Hey! Maybe Festival Earrings! Who knows? Check back and I'll let you know!