Friday Inspiration and Goals

Here's the plan: I intend to prepare for tomorrow's festival without spending another dime. Really! If you've known me for twelve minutes, or read my blog for a while, you'll be familiar with the pattern: go to storage and get some cool booth stuff, go to the hardware store to buy some materials for the latest and greatest idea to enter my mind that will make my booth that much better, go to the fabric store, to the art and craft store, to the bead store, to the business fixture supply store...doesn't matter. I always have this rush of inspiration at the very end and spend the day before I set up a new booth busy and spending...time, money, energy.

Not today, folks. Today it's me and the beads and the wire and the findings. I have a bit of online stuff to take care of, but aside from that, I do believe I'll not spend one little old dime. I'll find my inspiration in the supply of materials I already own. Those that are still packed up from my trip and the others I didn't take with me.

I do have to run out for a couple of errands but that'll be a little later on this morning. Or even afternoon. I've been flipping through catalogs just to get into the sense of what I'm going to try and it's gonna' be fun. Bracelets and earrings. Galore.

So come see. Tomorrow. Noon. High Point. GTCC Campus. Here's more info

P.S. My email doesn't seem to be working again. Sheesh. I'll find a way around it. Meanwhile, know that. Ohhh! There's a little duck family in the back yard! I think they're planning to make a family out there. Should be interesting. Maybe I'll have little baby duck pictures one day. Mallards I think. Okay, off to work.