Home again

So I had a nice flight to Raleigh from Atlanta today then a great drive home with the friend who came to get me. We stopped at this quaint-ish town called Hillsborough that had a neat little main street with all these cafes and restaurants. We were hungry. Alas, it was after three and they all seemed to close from three until five so we ate Chinese food. It was a little lackluster after our excitement over getting something out of the way at our neat discovery of a town but it was not to be.

Then I came home and had no energy left so became a couch potato. Talked on the phone a lot, and caught up with roomie and talked on the phone again and went to bed but decided I'm not so tired I can't check in with my blog. So I'll announce my return, then get some serious sleep so I can get up and hit the routine tomorrow. Much to do before Saturday's festival and I really prefer to be ready for these things. 

Which I'm not. Yet. But I will be.

Here's to a good night's sleep. For all of us.