Sketches to make stamps for PMC

Remember back when I raved on and on about how excited I was that this was the year I was going to learn all about working with Precious Metal Clay, or PMC? Or perhaps you caught the one, later on, when I told you my first experience working with the tricky little substance was really, reeeeeeeally hard. Well folks, I'm going in again.

Some friends and I have placed an order to purchase more - quantity discounts rock - and this time I'm going to be prepared. Which means I've given much thought to why it caught me by surprise last time and I'm going to approach my next session differently. I wrote about it a little when I told you about my disappointment, and I've thought even more about it since. And the summary of all this thinking goes something like this: I need to make some teeny tiny stamps. Because I want unique designs for the PMC charms I'm going to make, but I also want them not to be ugly. (Like the last time!) And since these pieces are so tiny that my usual and customary ability to carve into the clay isn't as smooth, making stamps seems the way to go.

So now I'm sketching. For me, sketching teeny tiny things is a little challenging. And we all know that anything worth having is worth working for, so the challenge won't daunt me. Last night I sketched maybe 15 or 20 and I don't think I like 'em, so I'll get back to it today. It's all about being in the right frame of mind when you sit down to work. Not that I wasn't in the mood. Still, the ideas weren't flowing well. Maybe today they will.

Then I'll be able to tell you I'm that much closer to being able to enjoy my Precious Metal Clay experience! Which I promise to tell you about, regardless of the outcome.