Come buy my stuff in High Point!

After I return home from this trip to Atlanta, I've given myself exactly one day to prepare for the GTCC Campus Fest, which is an Arts and Music Festival being held on the High Point Campus of Guilford Technical Community College. I was invited to join the vendors there after chatting with one of the festival planners who is a GTCC student I met during one of the other festivals held on the Jamestown campus at the end of 05. Got all that? Anyway, she called me, sure enough, as promised several weeks back to make the contact I'd been told to anticipate.

Live music and art go together beautifully and since some of my jewelry is artistic (I haven't been told to leave my basic beaded stuff at home, so I'm bringing it too,) I get to participate! I'm really looking forward to it although regular readers already know I'm convinced I have to make a bunch of new stuff before the day arrives. Maybe I'll get a chance while I'm down here. But save the date and you can come see for yourself.

Here's a link to find out more information about the festival, time, address, etc.

Later on I'll give you more information about the April 9 festival at which I'll have a booth, too!