Itineraries elsewhere

Sometimes I have to admit to enjoying being in charge. Not of other people, but most certainly of my own time and itinerary. While here in someone else's home, however, I seem to find myself in "vacation time." At least in part. Sure, I sent a few work-related emails an hour ago and sure I have a notebook with a list of items I need to remember to work on while I'm down here. But I've willingly and comfortably inserted myself into someone else's itinerary.

Which is why the last sentence I uttered aloud was, "Okay, while you vacuum, I'm gonna' go upstairs and figure out something to say on my blog." I always have something to say, of course, but this morning, after 2 1/2 cups of coffee and sporadic conversations, the question is What To Say? Well, just that. That this time away is a good reminder of how it's good to see your life through other sets of lenses. Let the children run around you, the endless stream of activities flow by you, the rhythms of family life carry you along. It's completely and utterly different.

And not.

I've written about it before. Same houshold, same family, different list of activities, same pace. It's familiar and warm. I like it here. Like the reminders of what, in spite of all that differs in my usual routine, is very much the same. The creative viewpoints, kind, do-unto-others values, frequent laughter, miniscule attention spans, spontaneity and history. It's like being with your own family.

I told some clients we could correspond and get some work done while I was here. I still think we'll be able to. It'll just be managed differently. Between activities I anticipated and those I never imagined would be occurring. It's gonna' be a fun week.  Better get on it...