Cringing at the calendar

I'm a little worried. It seems I could be in a little bit of trouble. Really soon.

See, I haven't been making jewelry. Sure, I made those commissioned pieces and a few beaded strands followed those. But I mean the kind of necklaces I think of as the cornerstone of my collection. The necklaces that are designed around clay pendants, which - without question - are always rolled out at new shows. And this will get me into trouble because of the approaching festivals and shows in which I'm scheduled to participate. Really, really soon.

It won't do to show up at a festival and set up my gloriously unique booth with its mossy green velvet and copper swirls and put out leftovers from last year's holiday season. And yet I seem to find myself in the quandary of She Who Has Little Free Time to Remedy the Situation.

Fortunately I always have pendants on reserve, that haven't been seen yet. They are just awaiting the creative spark that will turn them into the necklaces they were meant to adorn. Hard to have a creative spark if I don't ever even take them out and look at them. Of which I'm more than a little aware this morning. Especially since I'm not anticipating such an examination until at least the second half of the afternoon. The morning and early afternoon: booked solid.

Okay. I've learned lessons about my own mental process. I know that any number of Quality Distractions are just waiting around the corner to sway me from my goals. Lists? Yup. I've got em! But after I make the lists, sometimes I forget to return to them. I mean, I probably need to check off 7 or 8 things from yesterday's lists, but I was on such a roll that I just kept going. Good, but maybe not. So what I need to do Right This Minute is go open a box of pendants and put them out in a place I will absolutely not overlook them in the event that I move on to something else.

If I'm smart, I'll go put them out beside the coffee pot. (Insert wry, very wry smile here...)