Today's phone call = the freelancer's prayer

Following is more-or-less a transcript of a phonecall I had with a former client. It's the way ALL freelancers want their phonecalls to evolve:

Me: Hello.

Client: Hey. How are you?

Me: Great, thanks! You?

Client: Busy, as usual. But I wanted to check in with you to see if you can build me another website or if I need to wait until after your sister's baby is born.

Me:  As long as you know she's my top priority and I might blow you off if she goes into labor, I can put you on my schedule whenever we can find a time to meet.

Client: (After telling me the details of the day she's expecting to have tomorrow and the next day,) Let's talk Monday and see how the week looks and we'll get started.

Me: Works for me! 


Yep, some days are better than others when it comes to drumming up business. I need to remember this during the lean times. Life's cycles bring a lot of ebb and flow. I'm happy to report myself in the midst of a "flow" period right now. Thank God.