Self-employment looks like this...some days

According to my meticulously-monitored "timesheet" (which is to say, page in my notebook in which I recorded the starts and stops, the hours of a project on which I'm working,) I have been sitting in this chair, intent on my work, from 7:12 until 9:42 when I hit send on the email I'd just drafted to one of my website clients. I realized it had been longer than usual (at a single stretch, with such intense concentration, that is,) when my shoulders started to knot up. Focus like that doesn't come along every day. And when it does, better run with it! So I did, which makes me proud because not long before that I was so close to wiping out for the evening with some nice knitting in my lap. ("The Karens," at last night's PMC workshop, both wore scarves they'd knitted - see, I told you everyone I know knits - that inspired me much and I'm dying to get going on something new.) Aren't you proud of me for sticking to the job at hand, though? No knitting today at all. And none allowed tomorrow, either. (Thursday, however, is another story.)

After discovering how intently I'd been working for "the potters," I took at peek at Passion for Business, a website that offers resources to self-employed people like myself. Which was sent to me in an email by a happy client who recently signed up for one of the telecourses offered by the site. Thanks Stevii!  Stevii is another one of those uber-considerate people who keep coming into my life to make it a little better. Even watching my back with handy resources like this site. Skimming some of the material on the site reminded me of the importance of staying on top of things I often neglect.

I have to admit the site didn't hold my attention as well as it often would. I'm bookmarking it for another day. Instead, I'm deep in pottery mode right now. The site I've been working on tonight (the one that triggered the hunched shoulders) is for an organization comprised of potters. (I'll write more about it later when the site revision has been approved and is ready for your viewing.) All my reading and resource-gathering has made me nostalgic for playing in clay.

As it is, I'll be working on websites galore for a while, not making pots or pendants. I don't remember a time (since I was a full-time college webmaster,) when I've had more simultaneous web design projects going at once. No complaints, mind you - they pay the bills. But it keeps me on my toes to juggle such gloriously diverse projects. And so the clay play will have to wait. Hopefully just not too long.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with one of my newer clients and although I'm not ready for that meeting now, I will be by 10:30 a.m. when she arrives. Just figure I need to be fresh from tonight's sleep before I finish the prep work for our meeting. 

One more goal for tomorrow: to handle two items that keep inadvertently slipping to the bottom of the list. It'll have to be a goal for tomorrow, 'cause they sure ain't gittin' done this day!

Nighty night!