Satisfaction, of a sort

Everything on today's list doesn't have a check by it, but there are enough check marks that I'm pleased with my work. On days when I decidedly don't feel like working, I feel satisfied when I push through to the other side. Particularly on days when I have to struggle to keep at it. And so today will go down in my little book as a success. Even if so much remains to be finished.

Of course once I'd satisfied my minimum requirements plus a bit more, I let myself watch the Super Bowl. It's probably a dubious little space I hold in the short list of people who watched the entire game while knitting. But I did - it's hard to sit still for two hours without doing something. So this was the most obvious choice on a tired Sunday night. So Rachel's scarf is almost complete. Won't she be surprised? 'Bout time, too, eh?

Hope your weekend was also a success. And if not, guess what? We'll be able to get up and and do it again tomorrow. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.