Taking your clients home with you

It's Saturday morning, much too early, and although I just got up, I've been lying in bed letting my thoughts run. I noticed that for a good portion of that time I've been designing a new website. Not sketching with paper and pencil, of course, but the possibilities of this next site's look and feel were paraded in front of me, as if on the screen, and I'd embrace some combinations, discard others, almost as if I were actually drawing the mockups.

You know you're on the right path when you don't mind this level of connection with your work. It was a peaceful time and at least a few of the ideas were inspired. So now when I sit down to mock up my new client's samples, I'll be that much further along. Maybe it saves time, or maybe I can count that morning half hour as a part of the day's work.

Either way, I find I often take my clients home with me. Driving to check my post office box, I frequently think of them, questioning what they might prefer other than the one possibility we've considered. It's normal for me to envision them in their own working scenarios, showing off the sites I've created for them. It helps me to refine the work I do for them. These scenes I play out in my mind, remembering details my clients have described to me about their goals for the site, help me to more tightly focus on what is and is not going to work when I lay out the material. And without realizing it until this morning, as I think back to other times I've lain in bed "building websites" in my mind, this manner of working is a significant component to my process.

It's similar to the way I sometimes conceive new designs for my pendants. And that works for me as well.

Of course this morning I need to envision myself putting away beads, carrying trash outside, starting that load of laundry and running the vacuum cleaner. I can bring my clients home with me, but sometimes I have to put them away and do the not-so-fun work. On that note, I think I smell the coffee. Sure hope so. Happy Saturday!