Which hat to wear today?

It's Friday, there's a rainy pall over my view as I look out the window and I could easily be coerced back into my down nest where I was sleeping so comfortably a little over an hour ago. Alas, the grownup in me says that's not an option. But it's a tricky morning. I look down over the railing from my balcony office to where there are still necklace stands displayed on the mantel from the beading party a couple of nights ago. Some of the cleaning up has been accomplished, but there's still much more to go before that room looks the way it's supposed to. So one of my tasks is to put it back in order.

Meanwhile I have two website development meetings right here today. Later in the morning, and early afternoon. Which means that not only does that space need to be in shape but so does this space. This space ain't lookin' so good. Papers are spread out around me: a draft of the response card for the beaders, a list of questions for a brand new web client, a printout of the submission guidelines for jewelers who want their work to be featured in Art Jewelry Magazine, to which I've never submitted, a Mailing List Sheet from a former festival with names of those who want to be kept up to date with my schedule. All this needs to be handled and my eyelids grow heavy as I look at the scene.

But Jan and I have worked out the simple menu for tomorrow's lunch. It's not really a baby shower but I suppose technically it is. The core group of friends in town who have been like family these past 8 years or so are lunching and celebrating the upcoming transition MY baby sister is embarking on as she becomes a mother. A day of sisterhood and motherhood and a marked lack of testosterone will grace our home. And now we have the menu so I'll need to save plenty of time for errand running, as well. I hear the temperatures are again expected to be unseasonably high so perhaps the rain will stop and errand running will be a treat.

It's my brother's birthday, today. We talked for over an hour last night, long distance, but it's probably bad form not to call him on the day OF again just to say the words. 

Walking back from the kitchen where earlier I poured my huge cup of coffee, I noticed a little bag of white clay. Alabaster clay, just waiting to have me form it and imprint it with my own unique marks so I can have another batch of new work. I grew nostalgic earlier this week when, while looking for something on my website, I stumbled into the work space photo gallery that presents a series of images reflecting my pendant-making workspace. I want to make more. And the only way I will is IF I get all this other stuff done with flying colors, and IF the Netflix movie, next on the list, arrives today and I indulge tonight. Real Women Have Curves, which I've never seen, seems remarkably fitting this particular Friday. Maybe I could watch it and start working on some new pendants at the same time.

And then, what about my neglected knitting???