When teaching helps us learn more

Last night I had a meeting with a woman who's going to be maintaining a website for a group. I know the site inside and out and one day she will, as well. So we went through my list of things I knew she needed to become familiar with, and she took notes when necessary, asked questions, and in general our discussions were a lot of fun.

It's a Squarespace site which means I also got to show off these handy "tricks" people are always excited to see. Again and again I heard, "That's all you had to do?" Of course I also heard, "Well, it looks easy when you do it, but I'm sure I'll get home and find I have more questions than I thought." Fair enough. There's a learning curve in every avenue, right? But for my money, this service is really easy to use and showing someone else the things I've discovered about using it helped remind me of just how useful I've found Squarespace to be.

It's good for us to teach sometimes, isn't it? Hearing the questions from a voice that doesn't live inside our own heads helps us to remember that there are many ways to approach a subject. And when you realize how many different solutions you already have, explaining the best way can help solidify the process. It also helps to consider that the way you've been doing something isn't necessarily the most intuitive way.

And that's what I'm thinking about this morning. Beyond that, I'm looking forward to a nice productive day getting caught up on some projects I was enjoying last time I worked on them. An uninterrupted day is a gift and, oh look! The phone is ringing! But as I was saying, I'm planning for an uninterrupted day (which means they can leave a message if it's important that "they" reach me,) and that usually bodes well. How 'bout we start that uninterrupted day right about now...