Idea Girl gets it right

It wasn't the first time my day began this way. Apparently it won't be the last. Here's what happens:

  • When I wake up, there's this New Idea sitting at the edge of my brain, awaiting my attention. Often, as with this time, it's an idea of a new kind of web-based business. Or website that could nicely supplement a business.
  • I open my eyes to see if anything changes with the addition of light.
  • The idea gets bolder.
  • Details are added.
  • I start to ask myself questions about which parts will take the most time, what expenses are involved, how much committment would be required, what kind of audience exists and how many others are already trying to meet the existing needs.
  • Excitement starts to mount.
  • I smack myself in the head and remember I'm already so behind on similar and dissimilar, related and unrelated projects that I will never, ever catch up.
  • I get up and drink some coffee and hope it goes away.

Of course it never does go away, and throughout the day, the idea comes again and again. So yesterday I went online and did just enough research so that I would successfully answer the question about which sites are already attempting to fulfill the space my New Idea would fill. Satisfied after perhaps a half hour that it's worth hanging on to the idea, at least to see if the interest is still there when I have the time to think about it, I wrote the idea out in great detail. Typed up a couple of pages of notes, so I wouldn't forget anything, and went on with my day.

Which involved making a few more necklaces. Sadly, at least one of them might be ugly. Let me rephrase that. One of the beaded necklaces I made would be of the "Nah, that's not for me, thanks." ilk. But I finished it and there's no need to let the time or effort go to waste. Somebody will like it. They always do. Although of course then there's the question of "If you wouldn't wear it, why would you want it out there with your name on it?" Something to think about. Then again, it's not that bad. It's just not me. Besides, the name I hope to make for myself as a designer of artisan jewelry is, as of this moment, almost entirely wrapped up in these necklaces I make that are designed around a focal point that is a clay pendant. So stringing some beads together in a charming but not-necessarily-inspiring manner isn't counterproductive to my reputation as a burgeoning jewelry designer, it's just... Well, I'm not sure what to say there. "Something I can do"? or "A way to fill a little bit of the void in the market"? Who knows? It certainly takes me back to #64 in Melody 101: "I often contemplate the ways in which "art" and "creativity" are affected by the need to generate income."

Either way, it's true: I use my creativity to make a living, and so sometimes make things that are beautiful to other people but not to myself. Selling out? Not sure about that one. But as I ask and answer this question each time it emerges, I do find myself getting closer to an understanding of what does and does not work for me.

Meanwhile, I have a New Idea on paper that I won't have to think about or worry about forgetting anytime soon. Then one day maybe I'll have the opportunity to turn it into a reality. Meanwhile, I have projects waiting here, patiently, hoping to receive my attention. Today. So Cheers!