Yup, she loved 'em!

I just got a reply to last night's email that showed off the two necklaces I designed to be worn with that Very Beautiful Green Jacket.

She loved 'em both. It sounds like she may have chosen the one she likes best, already, but in person is the best way to make that final decision.

Email exchanges such as these are what keep my enthusiasm and creative energy really flowing. I've got all these beads out again; rolled the BigHeavySuitcase in from the garage where I've been keeping them. It's too heavy, see, to really want to carry them up and down stairs. So it's in the house now and so far I've been able to maintain a tidy space so that beads aren't overtaking the entire house. Hopefully this will harken a new session of inspired jewelry design.

Which will be very much handy, since I need to get ready for three beading parties and two shows - all of which will be occurring between now and April 10. More on that later; I'm thinking to actually post a schedule online for those who email me and express an interest in seeing my work live and in person.

Happy Sunday wishes to you!