Saying goodbye to Tristan

The day my nephew was born, this little guy's family got a new baby too. Tristan is perhaps two years old, and he was already at the hospital when I arrived. One rarely encounters a more pleasant tiny little man who greets everyone with a hello and "see ya later!" and last night when I left the hospital again, I realized how accustomed I've become to seeing him and hearing his friendly voice, seeing his beaming face.

Little subcultures emerge in all the areas of our lives, and Hospital World gave us another subculture to join for a while. The anxious, waiting families are there. The giddy, proud ones. The nervous, worried ones, as well. We see them all, become familiar with their faces, appreciate their pacing, make room for them as they walk with their bundles, their flowers, their wide beds.

Tristan's new baby is going home today, too, and so we said goodbye to each other last night. We're excited. My very important job is to bring boxes with newspaper stuffed into the bottom to carry out all those wonderful flowers and get them home safely. Joy didn't want them taken early; looking at them made her so happy. So today they'll go, along with her Ganache Chocolate Cake - the one she waited all those months to be able to eat again - and piles of accumulated stuff. And new baby, too.

Another adventure awaits. In a string of millions.