Commission kicking me back into gear

A week or so ago, I was asked to design a necklace that could be worn with a very specific jacket. A gloriously envy-inspiring, green jacket. Tonight was the first time I sat down to see what I could do.

I've now created two necklaces that may or may not be in the correct color scheme. I have photos of the jacket, front and back views, and somehow the beads I've used and the photos of the jacket make me wonder if I haven't gone slightly into a different palette than I should have used.

It's comforting to recall that I showed the wearer of a jacket a specific bead I might use and she declared it was perfect. So if she thought so then, perhaps the colors on the photos I've taken are just not rendering correctly, and my choices were on track.

Doesn't matter, yet, if the colors are right or not. I mean, the necklace may not be what was hoped for in the first place. Colors or no colors. I've emailed a couple of photos over to see if we need to keep trying or if it's time to bring the jacket and necklaces together to see them in person together.

And if not, it's no loss at all; I think the two pieces I've created are rather fun and so I'm confident that someone will buy them, even if not this someone. That's the great thing about accepting a commission and going off to the proverbial drawing board: in the end, I have a product I'm pleased with (if I'm lucky) and in the end someone usually finds it's exactly what they wanted.

Head's up: it's in the green family with some terra cotta accents, and sterling for a little more pop. If she doesn't like it, it'll be good to go ahead and have the word out that these pieces are available. And if the response is what I hoped for, I can always make something else with these colors. One of a kind, most certainly. But the color palettes offer nearly unlimited possibilities. It'd be fun to see what else I can create with the beads I've already got spread out in front of me.