It's a wonder we get anything done at all, what with the world getting new babies every day, and all. I decided to sit down this morning and try to regroup at my computer. See where I left some of my projects, catch up with a few people. If not exactly get the ball rolling again, certainly give it a push in the productive direction.

I sent an email. And checked on another couple of things. I seem to be a little more tired than I'd expected. Who knows why? I certainly didn't give birth to any babies this week! Nonetheless, my body tells me the routine has been very, very different. So I feel a nap coming on again. I've been out of bed for exactly 37 minutes.

Then the distraction. I look at the screen, then I want to just real quick peek at a photo of the baby. Then I wonder how my sister is doing. Certainly she's fine. And sometimes maybe not! She's certainly got lots of new challenges ahead of her. Regardless, sitting here there's nothing I can do to help her. But that new little family is on my mind even when I'm not with them. That's what big sisters do. Think about their siblings...wonder if they're okay.

Okay, maybe I can do what my Mom says: "Tackle one thing at a time." Very aggressive language. I think I need a boost of that. Starting with a list. Yea, that's the way it normally starts. And after that, just one thing at a time. Mom's mantra.

Of course Dad would probably most understand that I think I'll go down and get a cup of coffee, first. That's certainly what HE would do!

Here's to all our productivity! New grandparents and aunties and uncles...and everyone else who has a happy new distraction...