Cure for common grouchiness?

I'm lookin' for that cure. In a passive sort of way. And so far, no cigar. It kinda't stinks, too, because moods like this tend to appear out of nowhere, not a warning in sight, and settle around me with the tenacity of mosquitoes in a swampy park in the deepest humidity of summer.  Or something equally as pleasant.

I decided I'd blog about it and see if I couldn't entertain myself just enough to move through to the other side of the mood. (So far it's not working.) Jan already suggested a brisk walk when she called earlier. Nope. Not gonna' happen. (It's the kind of funk that makes you defiant to act upon the most healthy, logical means to the other side. You can see what we're dealing with here. It smacks of adolescent angst with a little toddler tantrum thrown in for good measure.)

To make myself feel a little better, I'll declare that I have accomplished some things today, in spite of my annoyance with anything that would require more energy than it takes to sit in a chair and leaf through the Sundance Catalog. (And no, thank you very much, I haven't opened any catalogs today. I think that would be the end of me, for sure.) Let's see if I can remember any of them. Well, yes! I've:

  • Talked on the phone, socially, at least 5 different times.
  • Had two fairly lengthy business conversations, one of which resulted in "working through the ick" (accented by several updates that took us down a new design path,) with a client who'd grown sure we were going to have to start from scratch on the new site she suddenly loathed since we talked last night, but who now seems once again pleased with the direction in which we're moving.
  • Read three to five blog entries written by people I neither know nor will likely ever meet.
  • Paused to consider which sport I'd train for, if I decided to train to be an Olympic athlete. (No, didn't turn on the TV. Just thought about something I saw there last night.)
  • Washed and dried (and anticipate folding, soon, as well,) a load of laundry.
  • Folded another load.
  • Updated a web page that had some, well, need for updates.
  • Looked at the beads I bought to use in the necklace I thought I was gonna' make today. Looked away. Then back at the beads. They're still just sitting there, smug in their little plastic packets.
  • Found some frozen, heavily herbed potatoes in the freezer, and cooked them. I didn't remember buying them as I usually don't buy frozen potatoes, but was thrilled I had. Potatoes, especially of the takes-no-effort-to-prepare variety, are "comfort food" in my world.
  • Played the new Bela Fleck and the Flecktones CD. Liked it. Played it again.
  • Looked at the piles of papers and files that need to be organized.
  • Called a client to reschedule a meeting that's suddenly going to conflict with a personal matter that cannot be rescheduled.

And there must be more, but suddenly this list has grown as tiresome as my day.