Other ADD types, approval and the evolving voice

Taken from the email Cindi sent me a couple of nights ago, late:

I now know why it's hard for me to check out your site...if I'm taking time to check it out, it's when the meds have worn off and I'm actually sitting before I fall asleep.  So, with my attention being of the typically short type, I can't make it through your blogs...perhaps, knowing you for as long as I have, you'll take notice of that in either of these ways: 1 - "wow, she's actually ON my site" or 2 - "Oh, she doesn't like my blog, my site and therefore ME....oh no, someone doesn't like me and therefore my life as I know it is a failure"....or perhaps you'll go with option 3 - " perhaps she needs to rememeber to check my blog while she's on meds where she can wade through and get to the meat of it..."

We met when we were 12 which means we've now been friends for more than 2/3 of our lives. She's qualified to say how I might respond, and exaggerations aside, in all 3 possibilities she touched on little parts of my personality. As you can imagine, we do very well via phone, but when Cindi's on email, it's always entertaining for me and no doubt for her as well, to communicate in this fashion. But she does bring up important points. About attention spans as well as this insane need to have people like us. Me. Whatever.

Of course "2" is a caricature of the truth, but just this morning I have been giving a little thought to the question of why it sometimes matters that I gain the approval of others. I've mentioned it before, perhaps over in Melody 101, that I care a lot less these days than in earlier years about the opinions of others. But this morning's thoughts reminded me, too, that those opinions of others might matter more than I like to think. Otherwise, why don't I write whatever I want to say in my blog? Consequences? I mean, not of the kind that will make me lose my job, as has happened in many highly reported instances, since I now work for me. And I don't think most people are going to necessarily choose NOT to buy my jewelry because they decided my personality, as projected on my blog, is distasteful or too different from their own. And if a potential web client read my blog and thought we'd better not work together, they're probably right. So really lots of time was saved in the process. In that way my blog helps me weed out incompatibilites in potential working relationships.

This morning's questions started while I was reading back entries of a blog I found highly entertaining, edgy, and highly successful. That writer has chosen to lay it all out for everyone to see. E V E R Y O N E, as I suppose I do as well, by virtue of the fact that I maintain a blog. But she has a no holds barred philosophy and I most certainly do not. Surely there's a happy medium. Or even medium high or medium low on this gauge.

Know what? I had a lot more to say about this earlier today when I was mulling it over in the shower. But my attention span being what it is, and my to-do list being what IT is, and that coffee smelling the way it does, there's really no need in sitting here and turning this into a complete dissertation on why I do or do not write everything that comes to my mind. No doubt I'll address it again later and we can pick up there, whenever that may happen. 'Til then, cheers!