Back to Monday

Mornin'! And a Monday one, at that. You know that first second you open your eyes and think "What was THAT dream all about???" and you can remember it in the greatest detail but don't know why on earth you would have dreamed what you dreamed? Yea, it was one of those.

Then the second later you think "Hey, we were supposed to have snow last night!" And you look outside, all giddy with the excitement of an 11 year old and see that the ground is completely devoid of the white stuff. Disappointing, I gotta' tell you. Which you knew already 'cause maybe you've looked out your window to the same sight this morning.

So I'll blame it on Monday and then get over it. I sit here realizing I have a really long list of things to accomplish but haven't actually MADE the list but need to right away, so as to make sure nothing gets left off.  Better do that now, eh?

Hope your weekend was good. Cheers!