Beading parties, baby hats, counting stuff, & new clients

I need a blog fix. It's been an insanely busy couple of days. In a good way.

Yesterday I helped out with the inventory project I mentioned in my last entry. I gotta' tell you: they had this down to a science. I signed out at 11am. In former years, I was just taking my first potty break by then. Good stuff. And my inventory buddy this time was the best ever.

THEN there was a little buying excursion in one of my art/craft supply stores to buy copper toggle clasps which I'd run out of. Then, wouldn't you know it, I found myself in the yarn department! Where the knitting people hang out. (Had to - my sister requested a different kind of needles 'cause she's trying to learn to knit a hat for the new baby and of COURSE Auntie Melody had to say yes to that! See...I know how to pass the responsibility buck. It's not really convincing, though, is it?) So I bought needles and a very inexpensive skein of yarn to work on a project when I'm at her house and haven't planned well enough to have my knitting bag there with me.

WELL then it was on to her house for a lazy couple of hours of knitting with sis, generally talking about baby stuff and knitting stuff, then I was back in the car for the next phase of the day. This took me to the supermarket to buy goodies to serve my beading party guests. Remember the beading party? I did, and I was not only running out of time to pull it all together but also steam. There's something about getting up at 6 a.m. to do something completely out of your usual routine and then starting a whole 'nother event 12 and a half hours later that tweaks with my sense of rhythm. And yet it was totally worth it.

Six creative guests came over and sat around playing with zillions of beads (I never realize how expansive my inventory is until I see it through the eyes of other people,) and lemme tell you, there was laughter in the house. Some were totally focused and others were punchy and something about the synergy of all the separate styles and perspectives of the different people is what made it so much fun for me. And I tend to look at tasks I take for granted in a new and different light when I'm showing someone else how to do it.

I learned several lessons last night. About how to set up the displays, how much preparation time to allot (as in - if you're going to bake cookies and vacuum and move furniture around AND finish sorting beads, maybe you should give yourself more than 2 hours before your first guest is expected. And I also learned lessons about how to present information and when to introduce the beads themselves. 'Cause once you open those little boxes, it's ON! Chaos is supreme and there's no amount of internal structure that's gonna' change the energy in a room.

This morning I got several emails letting me know, again, that it went as well as I thought it had. AND one of the participants from last night wants me to come to her home and host one of these events for her girlfriends. Woo hoo! That's exactly the kind of feedback I wanted to receive.

SO let's move forward to this morning when A.D.D. Girl woke up. Showered, coffee in hand, feeling pretty good about the way the day was beginning, I was successfully moving through the morning. Until I found myself simultaneously printing out paperwork for a new prospective client, uploading photos of a necklace that a potential client (now confirmed - she likes it!) wanted to buy, and responding to the email about the possibility of hosting that other beading party I just mentioned. And suddenly I realized that in 32 minutes, to be exact, I had to be cranking my car to be in time for the workshop I was attending across town. But there I sat, in my bathrobe all cozy with my coffee, thinking I had plenty of time. I don't know how I pulled it off.

I did, though, and it was so worth it. Stevii, my latest client, was presenting to a class at the Women's Resource Center and she'd invited me to come listen. (And participate a bit, as it turned out, too!) I won't do this justice if I try to write about it tonight because I'm suddenly feeling that wall of Halt Now approaching. But I've got more to say about the amazing resources of this organization. And the women who work there, and find support there. It's a truly amazing place. I'm honored to have been a part of it.

You'll hear more of that later. Now I think I'll sign off and cease and desist with the laundry list of my day. Let's say you're caught up. Wonder how tomorrow'll turn out? At least there's some sleeping time in beween now and then! :)