Insomnia meets ADD Girl

If I were alseep now, that would be very much cool. But since my ability to do so this morning disappeared over an hour ago, it eventually seemed a waste to stay in bed any longer. Before making that decision I experienced a busy day all in my head. Among my thoughts, in no particular order:

  • What fun at Marcy's studio yesterday. She's great. And I can't wait to see her tiles and my pendants when they're glazed and fired.
  • Macon's poetry was excellent. I'm glad he's retired. Wonder if he'll publish them?
  • I wonder if those "child friendly" beads I got for MAE's birthday party in Atlanta would be suitable for the 3 year old I'm seeing today. I'd better check.
  • Will the baby come today?
  • I wonder if Cindi got her house put on the market or not?
  • It was cool selling those necklaces yesterday. Maybe I'll make some more today to replace those and other recently sold pieces.
  • Dinner last night was fun. Cool birthday presents. I love to laugh. Good laughs last night.
  • Are we getting snow this weekend, finally?
  • I need to shoot some photos to use on "that" (new, not yet discussed in my blog,) website... unlessssssss. HEY, maybe I could use (fill in the blank with something from your own imagination - this one stays under wraps until I've at least tried it out and then shown it to my client) this as the design instead of that other layout I was planning to use! It's a small site and this could really work! Hmmm.
  • I wonder how Michelle's doing?
  • Should I go ahead and watch the rest of Schulze Gets the Blues before I return it, or give it up? It WAS starting to pick up and I really did like it...I was just too sleepy to stay focused when I started it. And Schulze was so adorable. Great facial expressions. AndZydeco music is awesome.
  • I never returned that cassette tape of Zydeco music Pete loaned me. Even after I found it. I should find him and send him a gift card to a good music store.
  • Wonder how long that'll take me?
  • It's been a long time since I read this book. Where was I when I stopped?
  • Maybe I should just get up and check email.
  • I could try some yoga poses - haven't exercised in a really long time. Hmmm. Or not.
  • It's been a long time since I haven't been able to sleep. Maybe Joy's in labor and I'm having some sort of energetic sister connection thingie. But if I call her and she's asleep, she's gonna' be maaaaaaad. I'd never call anyone before 7 a.m. Or before 9 on a Saturday, for that matter.
  • We have Vanilla Nut Creme coffee. Yum.
  • I didn't reply to Dena's email last night. And her voice mail message was nearly indecipherable. Maybe I need to put the sim card back into my other phone. At least I can hear people on it.

And on and on it went, so now I'm up thinking it might be a horrid waste of time to go back to sleep, but I think I woke up during the wrong sleep cycle so I keep yawning and feel very unrested. Even if I could sleep again, long enough to get to the end of a cycle, that could help. Wonder how long a complete sleep cycle would last, anyway?

Yup, today should be an interesting day. Where to start???