Trying to get inside the jewelry client's head

So to speak. I met with a website client last night who is also a friend. As soon as she sat down, she said "I have so many things to talk to you about!" And one of those was the necklace she wants me to make for her. She's recently bought a glorious jacket I won't say I envied, exactly, but can say I very much approved of. Even when she told me where she'd purchased it and mirrored my thoughts that the boutique's prices are usually out of my budget. The jacket was gorgeous, though, and I can completely understand why she had to have it.

But then she said, "And I'm wearing it tonight because I want you to see it and make me a necklace to go with it!" She'd seen one that complimented the jacket beautifully but had to draw the line at no when she saw the price tag. Hey, more business for me!

One of my all time favorite things is being asked to create something from scratch, whether it be a piece of jewelry or a website. First there's the initial discussion in which the client tells me what they want.  Inevitably that's followed by what many people refer to as the "brain storming" phase. It sometimes lasts for ages; at other times, I know immediately how to begin. Then there's a level of additional challenge in the first attempt of trying to turn that vision into a tangible product. Any angst comes during the period after creation (or drafting, if it's a site - with jewelry designs I just make multiple pieces if time permits,) until the client sees it and declares: "I love it! It's exactly what I want!"

Last night after she described what she wanted, I was able to show her some pieces I have made for myself, discuss what elements she considers an absolute must, and get a solid understanding of color schemes. After that, bring on the creativity and hope I hit the mark.

I'm having to prioritize this project in a mean way. I want to go to work on it right now, this morning. But with two new websites sitting here waiting for my attention and an afternoon clay date in my friend Marcy's studio, there isn't time for any quality jewelry design work. This weekend, though. Most certainly this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. And hopefully work on this necklace will also inspire more work on the pieces I'm more-or-less always designing in my head.

Happy Friday!