The magnificent timing of inspiration

Ever notice how just when you need it, something good comes? Sure, it's not always the case, but if you pay attention, even with the subtle situations, it does happen more often than I sometimes acknowledge.

I've gotten far too emotionally involved in an email exchange that's kind of a mix between business and volunteer efforts. It turned inexplicably sour. To my mind, anyway. I'm not well equipped to handle such. I well know the phrases "it's not personal," and "you've just got to let it go." And so on and so forth. Sometimes releasing is so easy and so when I find myself momentarily devastated over something I wasn't expecting when my intentions were to be helpful, some might say I even overreact. On an emotional level, anyway. I doubt my abilities, blame myself for every little thing I did wrong, question whether or not I'm even in the right line of work. Fortunately, it doesn't last and hopefully I handle things in the way that feels most appropriate and with the integrity that I prefer. But it still stinks like nobody's business when it happens.

WELLLLL (I wasn't even going to write that much. Apparently I haven't completely let it go, eh?) so this morning I've been working on a website project that I've been bouncing around in my head for more than a week. Usually inspiration comes much more quickly. And I'm mighty appreciative of this fact, too. I mentioned this particular need for inspiration a few days ago then went on about my business, playing with sketches, pondering ideas, discussing the possibilities with someone who is not the client but who served, nonetheless, as a great sounding board.

After which time yesterday in my car something hit me. Then this morning when I was working on the next level of the many layered electronic drafts of the graphics around which the whole project will revolve, the sky opened, the sun beamed in and I had it.

At least I think I did. It'll completely depend on the client's response as to how far I actually go with the design concept that's hit me. But I think it's gonna' be good. I'll find out soon enough, since we're meeting this evening.

Even if she doesn't love it, this flash of inspiration provided a magnificent contrast to the "high ick" of yesterday's exchanges. And hopefully will provide a continuous buoy as I follow up and move on to clear up "that which went awry" and turn it into the positive experience it should have been all along. I resonate with the idea of learning from the difficult times. And particularly love the idea that we get a little good with a little bad. The balance is so helpful and mightily appreciated. (Maybe I said that already. I'm writing fast and playing my music too loudly. Sometimes it's key to just get the words out before forgetting them, y'know? So now I won't forget to share this.) It seems I'm encouraging myself online, for all to see - maybe it'll help someone else, too.

But now I'm late for a meeting with another client. Fortunately we have a somewhat flexible meeting time this morning. Regardless, how rude to keep people waiting. So I'll excuse myself. Have a great day!