Happy Birthday Mom!

Today's my mother's birthday. I haven't called her yet to wish her a happy one, but I will soon. First I105053-273713-thumbnail.jpg wanted to tell her on here. I think she'll like that. AND if anyone who happens to read my blog sees her, they can also wish her well and be really, reeeeeeeally nice to her. It's a rule. You have to be really nice to people on their birthdays.

Her present will be waiting here when she comes to visit one day very soon. I made it and only finished it last night (otherwise, I'd like to think I would have sent it to her already...) Not nearly as cool as the present my sister's trying to get here for Mom...today. There's a little consensus in the family that if baby came today that'd be awesome. But again, his official due date hasn't arrived, so we'll just wait and see. So Joy's present is cooler. I'm not willing to go that far, though, for anybody's birthday. So I made her gift and am mentioning in on my blog because I'm going to photograph it and send her a copy. And then I'll post it on here. Which she'll think is also cool!

I love you Mom. And hope your day is magnificent. Do something really nice for yourself today. And who knows...maybe I'll get to see you sometime later today!