Great pregnant woman quote

Recently I've been reminded of how funny my siblings can be. At this very time, having been spending more time with sis, who is just about up to HERE with having her belly full of the baby who still hasn't chosen to show his face, I was again reminded of how amused I sometimes am by her comments.

She just threw out another one. I'm working at my computer up here in the loft. She's sitting in the living room below, eating her snack and watching another one of those Baby Shows on TV that provides far-too-much-detail-for-my-own-comfort looks into a new family's process from "we just got the news" to "oh my goodness we're parents what do we do with this baby."  Every now and then sis will make a comment about the show she's watching. Here's the latest: "Oh my goodness, this woman has no belly to speak of and she's 4 cm dialated. Meanwhile my belly has its own zipcode and I've been having contractions since Christmas!" Poor baby. She is soooo ready for this little one to come. Surely soon I'll announce that he's arrived. Like my dad is reported to have said, "He can't back out now!"