Like a proud mama...

Dena is writing a book about children. Pre-adolescent ones that go to camp and make things. So she needed to do research. Check out her blog to read about her experience in my favorite pottery studio with another friend, Susan, and Susan's young students today.

And Dena made a pot! It's awesome. (You have no idea how challenging this can be at first, until you've tried it.) I am so incredibly nostalgic for the wheel and a big ball of clay. This Friday I'm meeting my friend, Marcy, for a day with clay in her studio. I have intended to make pendants. I just might have to sit down and throw a couple of pots, too. It's been far, far too long.

Great job, Dena. I'm glad it worked out for you and I'm so proud of your beautiful first pot. Maybe you'll make some more one day!