Little snow, lotta work

Okay, then, we got snow. A little less as in that picture I posted in the entry last week, but it seemed I had to correct my earlier assertion of no snow this weekend. It's on little patches around the yard.

Now moving on to something more productive, I'll share that today I'll be working again, but not until a little later. Gonna' work on some graphics for two different websites. I have to break down all the upcoming tasks needed to create multiple websites so they don't seem insurmountable, and so today it's the graphics work. Which I enjoy when I'm in the mood. I'm counting on being in the mood within an hour or two. Coffee, first, though.

No promises, but the idea of working on a few new pendants keeps cropping up, too. Maybe it'll happen. And if it does, maybe I'll post more photos.

I wonder if I should make a to-do list today...