Knitting outside the proverbial box

Although it's usually my way to approach creative projects in a, well, creative manner, this whole knitting addiction has reminded me of what it's like to truly be a novice. I'm STILL a novice at knitting, and so I approach my projects in a newbie manner. I still look for sales or coupons to buy yarn at places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and A.C.Moore. It would be impractical, at this point, to spend as much money as I'd need to at what I learned in my birthday book, Stitch 'n Bitch, by Debbie Stoller who writes in such an approachable and friendly manner, is called the LYS, or Local Yarn Store. We have several of these, and I'm sure I'll buy yarn for a special project there in time. Not THIS time, but one time. Where was I? Oh. The whole newbie thing

So I'm knitting along with my standard little projects, buying yarn as if I were a seasoned knitter, albeit discount yarn, in scads of colors and styles, and all told I've probably bought more yarn than some of my longtime knitting friends. But that's how I do things. Jump in with both feet. Then when I was at that PMC workshop I mentioned last week, and saw The Karens' scarves, one of them made me realize it was time to step outside my safety zone. So I've been mixing it up a little.

I've finished a scarf that my ever-so-kind sister says reminds her of a seventies shag carpet in an elderly lady's home and I don't fault her for that. Maybe she's right. It has navy and gray and turquoise, and a shaggy (although not furry) little texture. But I was proud of my neat little rows, nonetheless, and will wear it proudly. Each time I'm wearing turquoise and navy together, that is. :) Or turqoise and jeans. That'd work, too. The point is, I tried something new, with yarns I never, ever, would have tried. And if I hadn't, I would never have achieved the end result. Which may or may not look like a shag carpet from the 70's.

So this morning I'm digging through my knitting bag, trying to decide what to start next. I have two scarves in process, see, and am accustomed to three or five, thank you very much. I find this soft, mildly textured gray. Boring gray. But it's soft and I bought it to try something new. Which turned out to be a dud, which is why the yarn is still in the bottom of my bag. Then I glanced over at this other yarn, a vivid raspberry color with flecks of blacks and maybe some gray, I can't remember now. Soooooft. Like the scarf in my photo gallery of just begun projects back before I stopped taking pictures for you. (I'll take more soon.) It's probably bad form to tell you just this much and not go on with what I'm using. But I'll remedy the situation later. The point of THIS rant is to declare to one and all that I'm about to make a new scarf using two incredibly different yarns and just see what happens. Maybe the two combined will be glorious. And maybe they won't. I'm gonna' use them anyway, and I'll tell you how it goes. Next post about it I'll put photos of the two yarns in question and let you really see what I'm embarking on. For now, just imagine it and we'll see how close you came in your mind's eye!