Hanging out and knitting

So after I spent some serious hours sitting here working today, and goofing off on email, too, Joy came105053-271013-thumbnail.jpg over and we knitted. She's working on a sweet, soft yellow baby blanket, and I'm juggling scarves. But that one I mentioned earlier today held my attention the most. Which is why I'm happy to report I actually made some progress on it.

First, I'll show you the yarns I described. There's a fairly uninspiring, gray acrylic by Lion Brand. Maybe it's called Homespun. I like knitting with this yarn, don't get me wrong. I'm just more into color than this gray gave me all by its lonesome. In comes 105053-271012-thumbnail.jpgViolet Carmen by Paton. I think. (I'm not the best at keeping up with these sorts of details, but I'm nearly confident in that assertion, so I'll throw it out there.) I always thought of "violet" as a more purple color than this. This is what I think of as more of a raspberry. But what do I know? Oh. And I said earlier that it had flecks of color, maybe gray. Soooo wrong. It has yellow and blue and green. Bright little flecks of lovely color. 

But put them together, and you get something a little more interesting. Wanna' see? It's still on the US105053-271017-thumbnail.jpg sized 13 needles by Susan Bates. 15 stitches per row, I'll knit until I run out of yarn. Don't have a plan for length...I just like long scarves so I can wrap 'em on really cold days. Oh. I bought 3 skeins of the Carmen on an insanely great sale, and if memory serves, I can knit for miles with the Homespun so I should get a fairly decent sized scarf.

I like what's happening with this one. The Carmen is a really lightweight, silky (not silk at all...polyester and nylon, I think,)  slippery business and the acrylic Homespun gives it some nice bulk. Hopefully it'll hold its shape better than the other (still a fave) blue-gray I have already from Carmen, as well.

Oh! And I'll show you, also, the green Birthday Scarf. Remember Jan gave me yarn for my birthday? I finally finished it. This picture was taken when I draped the scarf over my bed. See, there's a kitty that lives in my room. I'm irrelevant to the setting. As long as she can make a nest in my bed, any time she wants, Cinnamon is happy. She said it would be okay, though, for me to lay my scarf there if I'd hurry up already. All is well...

105053-271019-thumbnail.jpgIt's cool to know how to knit. When people come over, you can still accomplish something without offending them while you do something with your hands. A.D.D. types have a hard time just sitting still and talking. It's been fairly distracting to make necklaces with guests, but nobody seems that offended when you bring out the knitting needles. They're a much more socially familiar project, see, and so I don't get any business about "you're not paying attention to me." Then I can get new scarves, don't get fidgety, and enjoy the company of others. Everybody wins! Can't complain about that! One day I'll finish THIS scarf, too, and hopefully it'll still be cold enough to wear it. It sure was today!