SOME people got snow

Not us, but some people woke up to much snow today. I hope all is well and that those with snow are safe and warm. I know it's likely that they are not, since beautiful snow (as we in the south who don't get much of it, think,) also brings trouble with it.

But if you look at the Weather Channel's east coast map, it's as if the tip of NC was given some snow then sliced right off, where the weather pattern veered upward. So later maybe I'll check in with my friend Sean in DC, and Adam in NY and see how things are going for them. Meanwhile, I'm here. With no snow.

Which means I get to knit this morning! As is my custom on a Saturday morning. Drinking my coffee, gabbing, knitting scarves. Scarves plural because I'm working on 3 different ones. A red one, a navy and turquoise one, and a leaf green. Photos later. For now let me find some good tunes and return to my chair. Then when I've indulged myself on these fantabulous scarves, I'm going to hang with my sister and find out if she's staying off her feet enough or if that nesting thing that seems to have kicked in is still going strong. Maybe we'll knit too. :) Because if somebody's gettin' snow, maybe we'll get some too and then I'll need to wear all my nice warm scarves. Although I have to hurry...two of these are for someone else and if I finish them, I can start something else for myself...