Your blog has a voice. What is it allowed to say?

If you had a blog and it was 99% intertwined with your business ventures, you - like me - might often ponder the question, "Can I write that in my blog?" Much too often, the answer has to be a resounding "no." Which is an answer of my own choosing, of course, since there's nobody out there telling me what I can and cannot post. Since "you're not the boss of me" and all. (Which is of course, hands down, my favorite phrase from childhood.) But since I use this weblog platform largely to write about business-related topics, albeit a broad range of those in my particular case, it mostly seems like bad form to post so many of the things I find myself occasionally itching to write about.

Sometimes I talk to friends about this. I tell them I'm afraid the writing in my blog has lost its edge. If such an element was ever there in the first place. I know my writing has been known to have an edge but perhaps I've made good judgement calls all along, and kept those pieces for the personal emails. But then I'll find myself reading someone else's blog that sounds a lot like me, and realize THEY'VE found a way to allow their voice come through with razor sharp precision, and I as a reader resonate to their words because I identify so much with that voice. These admired bloggers have presented the quality balance that includes appropriate restraint along with a bit of edginess, whereas I'm very much afraid I often have not.

It's not that I think I'm going to offend anyone. I mean, I might. It's certainly happened before. But I'm fairly adept at apologizing and I could provide references if you need, supporting my assertion that I generally mean well and treat people with loving kindness and respect and I probably didn't offend you on puprpose and maybe I meant what I wrote in a very different manner than you took it. And I'm not talking about the kind of writing that tells people why my way is so much better than theirs (although c'mon, sometimes we all know that it is,) nor would I want to necessarily write, ad nauseum, about my pet peeves or the person who irritated me beyond belief. No, not necessarily.

Instead, I sit here writing to 20 or 40 readers, telling you that sometimes I have to listen to the inner critic when I'm wishing for an alternative. I mean, should I be editing myself so much? WOULD it be SO horrid if I let a little more of my gloriously charming and occasionally witty personality come out in my daily writings? (With all the candor of an A.D.D. Trainwreck, no doubt.)

These aren't questions I'm likely to answer right away. The big ones usually aren't, are they? But I thought you should know it's on my mind. All this stuff I'd sometimes like to say but which doesn't necessarily fit into the box (albeit wonky, asymmetrical, haphazard box that it may be,) I've created for my writing voice in this website. And who knows? Maybe by putting it out there into the void, I'll find an answer. An answer that brings me closer to feeling I've allowed a little more authenticity come through in the writings that are also meant to shed light onto the life of one, lone creative freelancer and hopefully encourage others who have decided to forge their own DifferentDrummerPath.

Now: if I took the time to edit this, I'll bet I could cut it in half and make it ever so much more tight and UNverbose. Nah. Who's got time for editing? This is the age of stream-of-consciousness! May none of my English professors get wind of this blog...