Planning ahead... a month or two

For the first time since I began freelancing, I know what I'm going to be doing, in many cases, two months out. As of this writing, I'm committed to, in no particular order:

  • build three new websites, with another waiting in the wings as a possibility, and another one which is sort of an ongoing project which may or may not ever really be finished,
  • a week-long trip to Atlanta in March to host two beading parties - one for a 9 year old's birthday party, and another for her mom's friends, and perhaps sell some jewelry,
  • two festivals at which I'll set up a booth to sell my necklaces, one in March, two days after I return from Atlanta, and another in early April,
  • another "private" beading workshop at someone else's home, here in town, the day before leaving for Atlanta,
  • teaching something similar at a sort of community day event, later on in April

Somewhere within that period of time, I am bound and determined to

  • make some more pendants,
  • throw at least a few pots on the wheel, just to see if I still can,
  • do something more with another of my websites,
  • photograph some more of the jewelry I already have and put it on my website to sell,
  • knit myself a couple more scarves 'cause winter is finally here (Really: yesterday morning I woke up to find snow on the ground. Don't worry your pretty little head about how it melted off within two hours. We had SNOW!!!) and that means I need more scraves.

It's Friday, which I love, and the day is packed (people say "to the gills" but I don't really know why that is.) Seems to me I'd better git on it!

Happy Happy Friday!