New chewable Zicam

Folks, now we've got options. You can either squirt the gel stuff up your nose, or apply a gentle swab... okay, you knew that too. But did you know there's now the option of a cinnamon chewable? Hmmmm! I think I also saw some sort of spray and some other cherry dissolve in the mouth option for the delivery of your kick-it-while-it's-young common cold, too. Oh the choices.

I like cinnamon! And who really likes to squirt gel up their nose? Seemed like a good idea to get the cinnamon chewable gel thingie.

Or not. 

Have you ever tried to chew something while actively not engaging your taste buds? I can already the time I've chewed about 3 more of these things (every three hours, although I took time off to nap through the night,) my gag reflexes will be kicking in before I get the offensive little thing in my mouth. And the worst part is that you're not supposed to eat or drink anything for 15 minutes afterward. I take that to mean my lovely glass of water, even.

In the end I might just have to settle for a watered down version and swallow it whole like a pill.

Moral of my little story: if you don't mind the gel or the swabs, maybe you should stick with what you know. Sure wish I had. But at $11.00 + a bottle, I'm not really willing to throw it out and start all over...