About that site redesign

It's been a while since I wrote anything about my site revision. The one I've been documenting in these entries. Well, we're not finished yet. I just had to take a break to get ready for, and participate in, some festivals.  But here are a few tidbits about what remains:

  • I've identified a possible photographer to take some more, er, professional photos than I usually use. Need a quality headshot. Although we may come up with a different goal altogether, than "professional." Being an A.D.D. Artistic Type, and all. Now it's all about scheduling and time.
  • It was decided that one of my website clients, whose site is underway, is not going to use one of the design ideas we came up with for her. But I love it. So guess who will get to keep it?!? But it's complicated and will take more time to put together than my original idea.
  • I've restructured about 70% of the existing site so you can, hopefully, find everything you need from the navigation bar. Whether you're looking for web-related content, jewelry-design, or any range of other, more personal, topics.
  • Haven't been reading the book, though. I stopped about half-way through. Came up with some ideas for that DSI I was writing about, but still don't think I'm feelin' it. Could it be my brand is just me? That my creative world-view and enthusiastic manner of encouraging creativity whenever I have a chance is all tied up in a brand I've already created? Not sure. Won't abandon the projects, just not sure it's going to come together in a tidy bundle like, say, Target's did.
  • I reshot photos of some of my necklaces. And was happier with that series. But now I'm stumped regarding how best to keep the photos current. I've been turning them around nicely. So this coming year I'm going to revisit the idea of having inventory for shows, and inventory for boutiques, and others for the web. Believe it or not, that's going to be very doable. With all the pendants I have on hand, now, and all the ones continuing to flood my imagination, the creative process seems not to fail me when it comes to designing new pieces. The only thing standing in my way is taking the time to actually make the jewelry. Not a bad problem to have.
But now I have to shower and get downtown to hold my weekly session for the Seniors That Bead. That has a fun ring to it. Hmmmm. Cheers!