We follow patterns to knit socks, right?

knittingsteps.gifNot two hours after declaring to roomie that the reason I continue to knit scarf after scarf with fairly interesting yarns to hide the fact that I don't knit using interesting, complicated stitches - and, in fact, that I don't follow complicated patterns because I'm afraid that my attention span wouldn't really allow me to follow the simplest pattern, much less some of the complicated ones I so admire - I've contradicted myself. In my mind, anyway.

It occurred to me a while ago that I may, indeed, have more than enough scarves now to last me the rest of my life, even if I live to be a hundred and six. Meanwhile, a couple of pairs of my best wool socks are starting to wear thin, I've kept them for so long. And what a handy skill it would be to have, don't you think? To knit your own socks! People do it all the time. (Trust me...last year when I started learning a bit about knitting, I perused the web and read a ton of knitting blogs...those women were knitting everything they wanted, including way cool socks!)

But I'm thinking it's a good idea to first try some scarves with some interesting stitch variations, before trying to knit socks, right? Sigh. I feel so impatient. Never mind, before a half hour ago I had no desire to make anything more complex than a million more scarves. Now I want to knit glorious wool socks this minute!

Sigh. We'll address this again later, why don't we? Now to bed. I'll ponder it more as I try to fall asleep. G'nite!