Reign in the instant-gratification-junkie with hair coloring products

In the spirit of self-deprecating disclosure, I must admit to being sometimes caught up in a drastic desire for instant gratification. It's like some part of my brain refused to grow up and I go to that little girl place that has to have what she wants that very second.

So it was one day recently when sis and roomie and I were at Target picking up all the must-haves for the week. I'd decided that I either need way more or way less gray hairs making their bold presence known on the top of my head, regardless of the way they sometimes highlight the sides in a way I don't entirely hate. Okay, then. I can't make 'em grow in faster, so it's time to add some color. It's important to note that I have nothing against white or gray hair. Think it's actually nice sometimes. But at other times I also crave change. This was one of those times.

Standing in front of the display, I was inundated with choices. Different brands, temporary, semi-permanent, permanent. Colors that make any starting color turn into any finish color...the combinations are staggering. Especially when this is something you do perhaps 3 times a year. Regardless of the help my shopping companions provided, there was no evidence of the shades I've used before when such an impulse struck me. Hm.

Oh. I forgot to mention I was thinking the addition of reddish/auburn hints would be fun. So I'm brunette, looking for a dark shade of a semi-permanent color that's going to give me the right amount of red...and cover my gray rather than turning it an unpleasant shade of, oh, let's call it "pinkish bronze," just to be kind.

Nothing there for me. The areas that fulfilled my specifications were completely blank. Never mind. I'm getting something. So I did. Something intended for use on light brown/dark blonde hair that wants to be auburn. Never has my hair ever been called light brown or dark blonde. Don't bother me with details.

Flash forward to today. (Remember I had to have the product that very second. Meanwhile, it's been taunting me from atop a shelf in my room for no less than two weeks.) I saw a photo that was taken of me this Saturday. Is that what my hair looks like??? Really?????? Well, that'll never do.

So I've now taken a break from my work and applied the inappropriate semi-permanent color on my hair that is neither light brown or dark blonde.

Guess what color half of the gray streaks are, if you dare...