Give back & dine out at the same time?

californiafreshbuffet.jpgI'd heard of it before, this restaurant at which 85% of those who work there are volunteers and proceeds go to chairty. Then months passed, and it was mentioned again...and again. Then tonight, I actually ate at California Fresh Buffet in Winston-Salem. Interesting concept! Not only it true that those working there truly seemed to care if you enjoyed your experience there (no kidding...every single person in a uniform with whom I interacted looked actually happy to see me!) but the food was better than any "all you can eat buffet" I've ever been to.

I hadn't actually ever been to a buffet-style restaurant that clearly marked items that were vegetarian - even vegan - and also shared the nutritional content of the dishes offered. Variety, freshness, friendliness, and I can't even tell you how busy the place was. We arrived to find a long line, but they did move people in quickly and waiting wasn't a problem since there were televisions in the lobby area that entertained us with a Cirque du Soleil-esque presentation throughout our wait.

If you're anywhere near Winston-Salem, NC and are looking for good food in a relaxed atmosphere, check it out! Meanwhile, you might find their Foundation for Purposeful Living website interesting too. It feels good to be able to support an organization with a mission such as this:

The Foundation for Purposeful Living will offer aid to creative and bold acts of goodwill and group-based, volunteer-driven endeavors that energize personal and planetary transformation. Its mission is to stimulate and encourage endeavors that contribute to the expansion of human consciousness; the proactive, creative and practical expression of goodwill among all peoples; and the manifestation of human goodness.