Not the original cool auntie

105053-610666-thumbnail.jpgThroughout my life, I heard stories about how my Aunt Betty took me to school for show-and-tell when I was a baby. Which makes plenty of sense seeing as how I was one cool kid and she was of an age when people took things in to show off at school. I guess she was 12 when I was born. (Although she doesn't actually look 12 in this picture, to me.) And naturally she would want to show me off!

Of course I don't remember this at all. Although I do remember sitting outside the skating rink in the car with my Granddaddy while we waited for her when we went to pick her up after an evening of her fun. I always thought that place looked so huge and the people outside were a little scary but intriguing, too. The outside walls were painted a putrid yellow and one day, years later, I do believe the building was turned into a church. I never did get to go skating there.

Now I'm an auntie, showing off somebody else's baby, living in complete adoration. But I just found this picture and it made me a little wistful. It's fun to hang out with Betty now. The conversations are better these days, of course, but she's still My Original Way Cool Auntie.