Purge what?

“Making room.” “Clearing out.” “Shredding.” “Stacking.” “Organizing.” "Eliminating." It's the vocabulary of the final week of another year.

This isn't me gearing up for a rant about New Year's Resolutions and why I love or hate them...why I always or never write them. It's not about resolutions of any kind. Instead, it's about this habitual process that accompanies the last week of all my years. I return home, bags of gifts in tow, laundry to be washed and mounds of messes I never finished putting away in my haste. It's all got to be dealt with. In spite of the daunting tasks, it’s also suddenly easier to throw out more, work more efficiently, generally observe life through the lens of refreshing possibility.

Of course, all that possibility is looming just over the bend since today was an utter productivity wash. I think I talked on the phone for a good 4-6 hours, which is far more phone time than any post-adolescence ever needed. After that, there was still time left for a couple of hours of writing and a movie. But I'm telling you, I can feel it coming on. Gear up the paper shredder, crank up the washing machine and vacuum cleaner, look out...it's time to make some room.

Room for what? I'm not quite sure yet. But we've got this nearly completed year just lying there behind us, about to be filed with the rest of history. It’s time to put it away. The good parts and the bad parts alike. Keep all the lessons so they don’t have to be relearned, and forget the useless elements. And when it's tucked neatly in the pocket of my memories and calendars and planning notebooks, I think it's gonna' be delightful to examine what's waiting in the wings. Whatever that is feels new and positive. That’s the best part, I think, about the last week of the year: it makes an optimist feel more at home than usual. What with all the potential a whole, fresh new year brings, and all…