Wonky email - where'd it go?

All right, Merry Christmas wishes are still in effect. But I've just returned home after a remarkably lovely day with my family. And I'm back online, as is my custom. According to my stats, it seems that emails were sent to me today via this website...but they didn't arrive. Y'know, I love it when there's more reliability with email, don't you? But until I can figure this out, I'm putting in a backup route. If you've sent emails to me today and haven't received a reply - I actually did receive more than one, with no apparent trouble (which makes the "lost ones" that much more irritating,) and those have been responded to - then perhaps you'd be willing to let me know via my backup plan? Email me through this page, please.

Hopefully I can eliminate the need for this right away. But until then, it's good to have options. I like the idea of backup plans, don't you?