Baby's first Christmas

105053-607035-thumbnail.jpgIt's been interesting, watching the now-10 month old Mr. Pie enjoy his first holiday season. There have been all manner of holidays for him to explore, and today will be his very first Christmas. It started with his visit to a tree farm. Followed by a visit to a more traditional in-town tree business at which they'd already been cut down for us. Seen here, he makes his own personal choice. We probably bought that one, too!

Yesterday I gave him his first gift (couldn't wait,) which he loved. Almost as much as he loved the box it was in! Great, grand fun. No pictures of that, but later today I'm sure the cameras will come out. Today I'll give him the small, very wonky blankie I knitted for him. And then he'll be my road-trip buddy as his parents and he and I take the drive to my parents' house in SC. In a mini-van. No doubt that'll present its own set of new adventures.

So this is how my Christmas has changed. Not only has my family grown over the years to include new spouses of siblings, but now we have the Much Beloved Sultan of Cool, my nephew Mr. Pie. Ten months old and counting. Love of my life. Who knew?

So I'm looking forward to the day in spite of the rain that will pepper our driving and the fact that his dad and I have a notorious lack of appreciation for long trips together in a car he is driving. Maybe that'll be different too since there's a baby on board.

Hope your Christmas is also wonderful and memorable for your own reasons.

Much Love and Light to you all!